DDM Dominator Torque pipe

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My Torque pipe should be here tomorrow. Will it start with factory carb needle settings?

Does any one have any helpful, friendly advice?
Well it came, I installed it. I had all of the install problems that every one else has had. But worth every bit of it. I need a longer screw to bolt it on the elcon drive train. I'm running it now only bolted onto the engine, seems pretty solid.
That power band that everyone always talks about is pretty cool. It seems to kick in more towards the mid range than the low range. No wheelies, but lots of power. My stock muffler can was okay, it tore up the grass, but now with the torque pipe it cuts all the way down to the dirt. And man, is this thing loud, screaming loud, sounds awesome, like a pissed off chain saw. I found that I had to adjust the H needle, I think, the one that affects the the idle, I had to lean it out a little to help it idle and not die, does that make since? With my stock can I probably had it as rich as possible with out it dying.
Bratch, the pipes are worth the effort to install as you posted.
I noticed mine would not do wheelies today for the first time and I did get that powerband effect for the first time also. When I first got my truck I put the pipe on pretty much straight away and I could not keep the wheels down and I didn't get the powerband effect as it was instantanious.... possibly my fuel is going bad as its 4 weeks old, I hope that's all it is because I love wheelies.
It is not unusual to have to tweak the needles a bit when you change exhaust systems.
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