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Well it took a while to get my pipe and then a while to get it outside and see the difference. I thought I would put a little review together on the Mid-High pipe sold by DDM for the FGMT and Others.
I originally ordered the Low-Mid torque pipe and received it in good time. I opened the box to find the most beautifully welded pipe I have seen - Ever. My luck stopped there, I found that there had been some manufacturing defects at the off site pipe bender that they sent there pipes to get fabricated. The exhaust to head bracket had been off centered and the pipe had been over bent and the side bracket of the pipe would not come even close to the clutch area to secure. Back went the pipe and what seems to this impatient customer thoughts, after just looking at his pipe weeks before, along time went by before a call came telling me about the situation. I had one option and from what DDM told me the difference is minor, I had to get the Mid-High pipe all the rest of the Low-Mid pipes needed reworking.

I received my Mid-High pipe and wow, just as beautiful. I still wasn't 100% satisfied with the installation but, it did work out. You will need to re drill the side bracket hole to fit the side of the clutch assembly, this I think could have be done at the manufacture with an offset or larger hole drilled into the bracket. Some of us are not as good as others or have the tools to drill it out. And they should send some hardware for doing that at least a washer and a longer bolt.

Installation other then the drilling is a snap and the pipe is bent and fitted perfectly.

After getting it out today and starting it up wow, louder by 2x then the FG 3pc pipe and way louder then stock - Love it! There is a slight difference on the low side from the FG 3pc pipe but I still cant get the tires to stop spinning. There is definitely a power band beyond belief in the mid to higher end and yes it is true what they say, you will pull wheelies in the mid range of your take off, that makes it much more controllable in my opinion then staring off with the wheels off the ground. And I haven't even got it in optimal H&L settings.

Overall I think this pipe is a great deal for the price and seems to be well thought out. The only negatives I found so far are the side bracket hole not aligning and the pipe does come close to the fuel tank hoses which can be wire tied away to the roll cage so not to get touched. Also the top rollcage bolt will hit the pipe you should install something between it so it wont wear a hole into the pipe. If using front brakes the pipe comes no where close to the front set up.

Here is some photos of the pipe and install.







Bracket before and after drilling:

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2nd set of photos

Because of the added washer its a good idea to add a longer bolt:


Pipe near fuel lines:


Rear photo lots of room:




Not even close to front breaks:

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Good to hear you have the same pipe as mine BtB. I had no issues at all with the installation with my pipe. I think when our trucks were assembled, the alignment of many components with each dimensional inaccuracy (tolerances) will stack up. And at the end, a little misalign is expected, IMO. As we can see, your bracket missed the mounting point by about 1/8" and mine lined up perfectly with same pipe, same truck. So I do not think it's a problem at DDM end, merely a problem with tolerances stacking up with components on our trucks. I had a minor problem which has nothing to do with DDM. The connecting pin from my rear brake rod to the brake shaft was a bit short, and I had to make a new longer one with the added width of the bracket.
My first impression of the pipe was... Wow, this is a beauty. The looks alone had me sold. I took it out today for a little test too just to hear it. And you're right, it's loud. The type of loud that I would say "music to my ears" and as if the pipe wants to tell me "I'm powerful". I gave it a bit of throtle, and the response from the truck was so unbelievable. I felt like I just doubled the power from the engine eventhough this is a topend pipe. Like you, there is still too much snow on the ground for me to test it out fully in a small parking lot. I can't wait until I have a better run at it when the weather cleared up.
On a side note, I placed my order on Friday morning, about an hour later, got a response from Brad. Shipping was in the same day, and I received the parcel on the following Wednesday morning. The packaging was good, the order was complete, the service was fast. And best of all, Brad "did" the invoicing like I've requested for cross-border shipment. I couldn't have ask or get a better deal than this. Oh, I did get a mint too...:)

Chop Suey.
Oh, I love the pipe! I did a little video review today on the pavement and WOW what a pipe. I'm happy! I think the difference in the side mount hole mesh is from the off site bender of the pipe if the pipe gets bent a little too light or heavy the hole is going to be off, and there is no way to get it exact with such a small hole. I would recommend to them to using a bigger side mount and a bigger hole and wallah done. Wheelies in mid range so strange!:celebrate:

As soon as I figure out what size to upload my video you'll see WOW!:)
Very nice video and good job on the review BtB. It will certainly help many of us to make appropriate choices when it comes to tuned pipe.
I love mine too. I almost demolished my truck today in front of my house. I was trying to test mid-to-high throtle response...and like you, even with my stock engine, front wheels were off the pavement easily (which reminded me to make wheelie bar ASAP). I was pretty much emptied the whole full tank and as I pulled it to a stop to head back in the house, a rear wheel felt off. I'm telling you, there must be a God up there watching my truck and he must have owned a Large Scale too. One more WOT run and it would be toasted, and the down time will kill me in agony. Tomorrow will be a run with a nitro friend in a big parking lot. I just hope I don't run him over as I'm very bad with my throtle and hardly any brake from the crappy rear stock one. Next weekend, a-must-have upgrade front brakes will be installed. For my sake, LHS will have it in stock.

Chop Suey.
I love the response in the middle like that. I thought I wanted something that would wheelie on take off but after seeing that I can control the wheelie from start to end just by letting off and giving it heck in the middle or not now thats my type of pipe. Can't wait till the snow is gone and I can get it out in the field and some hills.
A rear wheel off would of killed it your right! Lucky on that one you must of done something good that day.:innocent:

I would agree with every one without the front brakes on this thing it would take its toll on the nerves:eek:hmy: Remember to get the alloy uprights with your barkes for the MT they are made to accommodate the front end and make it turn just like stock.
The Front Uprights is in the making... Hopefully I'll have them done by the weekend for my brakes as Im planning to pick them up then. I'll thicken the "wing" piece a bit as I saw one from a friend got bend. Wish my luck...:D
The Front Uprights is in the making... Hopefully I'll have them done by the weekend for my brakes as Im planning to pick them up then. I'll thicken the "wing" piece a bit as I saw one from a friend got bend. Wish my luck...:D

What was I thinking of course your making them yourself:chef: you lucky dog you!
Doug, I'll make them out of 2 pieces as opposed to 1 as originally planned. I decided that I want to see how they fit together and then modify, if I could for a bit more clearance for steering. Easier just to remake that "wing" part than the whole thing. Also, the fact that if that "wing" part got damaged, much cheaper to replace, and compatibility to current market parts. The pros outwieght the cons IMO in this case. Eventually, when I understand exactly how far I can go with the design improvement, I'll make them out of 1 piece.
My truck stand is done, I'll take some pictures tonight. A couple of servos I ordered came in today for my brakes and spare. 22mm bearings ordered. Joe's Front Shock Tower is almost done. The bottom piece to the Rx Box is done. Servo Tray designed in CAD. More Gear Carrier Plate/Brake Holders need to be made.... Damn I'm buzy :helpsmilie:, and raining today, no driving time.... :yuk:
And yes, I do need a bit of luck Doug. I started with 4 Gear Plates, and scrapped 3 during the machining set-ups... :D
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Ouch I broke it!

:crying:Well I've always been the one it happens too.:no: There is good news and bad the good is the weather is beautiful and I can finally get out and play. The bad is I got 20min into showing the MT off a little at work when I went over a small snow hill endowing the front into the grass flipping it up and onto the rear tires, I thought nothing of it until someone asked why it sounded different, and I couldn't get it to wheelie. I found out when I took the body off that I found the week spot in my new pipe.:crying: The spot where it bends to the rear is not a good area to get bumped or drop on. The pipe actually bent more at the bend area and bent right into the shocks. It took all the grunt out of my new pipe.:( I'm so disappointed I got a total of 1 hour max with my new pipe before it bent. Has anyone found this type of problem with the jet pros or other pipes that wrap around the rear. I have never heard of this but maybe its normal. OOOOHHHH I'm depressed. There is going to be a 60deg day this weekend and I'm going to have to watch my son run his... AHHHHH!!!!! I take it its not even worth calling DDM over is it?


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why the hell not call them .. they've had issues with there supplier so this might be related issue , also why the hell would you have to spend more oon another pipe even IF you have the disposable income for RC's ,
@#$# that .. and use there 1 800 number too ..
Good luck !~!
why the hell not call them .. they've had issues with there supplier so this might be related issue , also why the hell would you have to spend more oon another pipe even IF you have the disposable income for RC's ,
@#$# that .. and use there 1 800 number too ..
Good luck !~!

Thank you, you have empowered me!:eek: Time to give a call.....:) What do I have to loose?:blush:
Well its all the way you handle yourself and talk to them aswell .. which im sure your much more of a people person then i am .. so i'm sure they'll work with you to get this straightened out .. if not then we get the bats !
Ok, took it off and yup its at a 90 now. It's definitely something you should be careful of.:(

I got a email into them will see what happens.
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Its the craziest thing the power band is gone in it. I probably could keep using it but it sits tight onto the shocks which I thing will eventually effect the rear shock.:(
Mabey I'll use my sons stock can for the weekend. Oh wont that be fun.
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