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Has anyone here ever tried to contact someone by phone at Dave's. I have tried to call them on a few occasions and there is never anyone there, during business hours of course. They have a great selection on there website but there phone support is by far the worst!!! Is is just me??
I never have a problem heres the hours and don't forget they are behind us by 3 hours I think.
Business Hours - 11 AM to 4 PM Mountain Time, Monday thru Friday
I have gotten through to them many times in the past usually on the first ring.

They must be having phone issues. in the last 2 days I have tried to call them and didn't even get voice mail. Im sure there is a good resin they are to good a company.
All of the Baja suppliers are getting hammered with phone calls right now. Every Nitro guy at the RCX show is asking a billion questions. Give them some time and keep trying.
I will say they had some phone issues a short while back could be happening again. Until the phone issue they always picked up right away. Good to deal with. If you drop them a email they will usually call you back within a day.
I have had times when they were not avialable by phone. No big deal. I just order off the site. When they see that they recieved payment for an order, it ships right out. Thats the nice part of websites. Order any time and they will ship within 24 hours. Pretty hassle free and easier than phone orders.
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