Diff oil ?? newbie Q

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Ticonderoga NY
Hello first i like to say great site :) i just got my baja last week it is used but in very good shape. but i'm in the middle of installing tr diff housing's . is there a differant oil that could be used otherv than the stock hpi oil . i live in what you could say the stick's in upstate Ny. and its a 45 min. trip to the nearest hobby shop. info would be aprieciated:helpsmilie:
Thank's Bill
I'm using Mugen 7000 wt.

Several of the sponsors on the right will carry the diff oil.

Hostile Hobbies is a great place to order from as well:


Bunch of different options. I used the 7000 wt because that is what I had here. I'm sure someone will respond that has a better explanation!

HPI Baja Forum is also a great place to check things out on the Baja:

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ive ran 30,000 wt, ive heard others using form the stock 1000w to 100000w with most being between stock and 10000w.

just buy silicon diff fluid of your chosen weight.
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