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Anyone have any pics of different bodies on their monster.
The FG one is prett expensive, just seering if there are other options out there. The Duratraxx Firehammer MT body is 1/2 the price, but how does it fit??
I just got the Chev body from BBH. Haven't taken the plastic off. You can also swap over to the Beetle shell which I think I've heard can take more of a beating then the MT body.:)


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My friend has a firehammer mt and the body looks too small even for it. The wheel wells don't match up to the wheels at all. I have painted alot of bodies, and seen alot more, but the expensive 1/5, and 1/6 bodies are the only ones that seem to fit these king size vehicles. I know that they are thicker than other scales, but as to why they are so expensive in comparison......?--nate
oooooo a chevy, might have to get me one of them.
don't know if I could run a f150 based body, might have to beat the he ll out of it.
I've heard Newbright bodies will work on an FG, just don't hold up very well.

Do a search for Newbright on eBay and you'll find a few on there.

I've seen the new brights installed on the satdium truck(hummer and caddy) but like u said the plastic will not hold up in a roll. There is one guy that put lights and neon under the car...pretty cool if u r not gonna abuse it much.
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