Different front cables from bike ?

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I thin im going to head over this week to see and talk to a bike expert around the corner and see what can be done for my front cables .. one side is totally poop siezed or binding somewhere inside .
so saying that has anyone ever try'd this simuliar mod ? if so please explain whats was done . im aware that the bowden cable holder will have to be modified to except the threads .
there are some High end cables and sheethes made for moutain bikes.
Teflon inserts and all> Im going to look into this too.
some of the mountain bike cables are also dirt resistant, or sealed!
i just got back from the bike store and bought some 4 mm cables for shimano shifters, they are double the size what i needed but are coated in resin to reduce dirt fricken and all, so what i did was peel of, yes peel off stran by stran untill i had the exact diameter i wanted, thing is, these cables are like double wolven and turns out as you remove the strans, about 20 of them you come down to another thin cable wire and that is exactly the size we need. After i did that i re-inserted them and work like brand new ones.
I'll just try to use the larger cable with some minor mods. My only concern is the flexibility of it as we do not have a lot of room to bend around the front arms. Let me know how they work out for you Doug. We'll work out something over MSN. I was looking into that after our chat yesterday too.
The Krikke Racing cables are sweet. The have the most amount of flex without binding. Well worth the $$$

Yes i know about your krikke cables but looking into something cheaper and locally and something i can do myself , gotta try ... get sick of dumping money into over prices items for a hobby RC ..
I'M SICK OF IT TOO...:mad:
J/k.. but I do agree that the stuff for LS is rediculously priced due to low volume. So we either improvise or get a lot more people into LS.
Joe, start recruiting...:)

Hey guys, I got a couple HPI Micro RS4 with a bunch of shells. Hoping to get one more too. I'll mod one up for drifting, and the other perhap a 8000kv brushless with pimped out drivetrain and light-weight for super high speed. Hoping to get about 60 MPH dash....I'll challenge Joe to catch me with his Leo...:cool2:
You guys are all funny! Yup the cost is insane, that's why when we buy together we can save on shipping. Hey Minh the RS4 can beat me but I may run them over first!! :clown:
Hey Minh the RS4 can beat me but I may run them over first!! :clown:

Catch me first before you can run me over Joe. Also, perhap your Leo will miss my RS4 from underneath the chassis. The darn thing is less than 3" high.

Give it a couple years guys. I'll have enough stuff to save us a few bucks...:cool2:
ok gotter all together prety much , im real happy with the lines . there rubber lined for smooth action and then steel and a flexible plastic coating . there alittle stiffer then the Fg lines . the cables are stainless steel i paid 1 dollar more for the better stainless lines @ 3.99 a cable and i measured the thickness there .046 thick , the Fg line is .036 .
one thing im concern'd about is the line end caps they arent threaded .. but i am thinking about making some threaded ends for them then i'll be 100 % happy , except threads on both ends not just off the bowden cable holder .
heres a few pics
doug nice work man;) good stuff. lets see some more of that machine of yours looks like it came a long way from the last i seen ,and that stand also ,looks like someone has some plumbing skills:cool2:
Doug, what is the thread size on the cable ?... I'm making the bowden right now. The current one is 10-32 NF. Please let me know asap, if possible tonight.
Doug, what is the thread size on the cable ?... I'm making the bowden right now. The current one is 10-32 NF. Please let me know asap, if possible tonight.

Thats the one down fall i had mentioned that there isnt a threaded end on the side that goes into the bowden holder .. its a sleeve more aless it just fits inside .. theres a pic of the sleeve i picked up ..

how thick is it? Get a die the correct size for the threads in that holder, and cut some threads on it if you have room. only need a few and blue locktight.
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