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I am not sure since I do not own a Race Runner. However, I think the only differences are the shock, wheels and tires, body mounts, body, roll bar, and the RR has extended side guards. That is the differences in the older models. The newer Evo3 to my understanding have the same differences along with the newer suspension with the pins instead of the rose joints. From what I have read the new MT will not use the new hinge pin suspension but it will utilize the Evo 2 suspension. I am not 100% as this is what I believe the differences are based on the limited info I was able to find. I am sure if any info above is incorrect others will let us know, at least I hope they will.
thanks and thanks realy great help mucker i also heard that their will be a conversion kit from evo 2 to a evo3 thats also good news
You must be thinking the same thing I am sickboy----buy a Baja 1000 and convert it to a MT when you want to, its like having 2 different trucks.

As far as I understand the differences are
1. you need side plates for the MT
2. tires and rims
3. body mounts
4. larger bumper on the MT
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