Digital Servos?

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Anyone put digital servos in their Baja? I have the Futaba 3PM 2.4GHz and want to run in HRS (High Response System) mode and it requires digital servos. Anywho... Anyone put a 1/4 scale digital servo in their Baja? If so, what make/model and any mods needed to fit it? Thanks for any input.
yep, im currently running the JR Z9000T for thrt/brake. works Great. will put in a Multiplex Jumbo (pre Rhino) for steering as soon as i have a horn for it.

the Multiplex Rhino will run 110.00 usd, and is digital.
the Hitec 5755? i think is the number, is a 1/4 scale digital servo too.
the hitec should drop right in, but the Rhino will need the "L" bracked adapter plate that came with spare parst with the baja to work as its a bit smaller is size than the stock servo.
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