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Thanks BtB...I found the info I was looking for... there are 2 FG sets: 6250/1 for Marder and Beetle, and 6250/2 for Monsters, Pajero, Marder Race and Leopard.
6250/2 are not for the monsters, they are for the pajero and leopard. 6250/3 are for the monster models. The difference is the height of the bowden cable holder that connects to the brake arm. The monster models need the longer ones due to the different front arms.
Yeah i made that mistake and had to return tuned cable brakes for the MT as the cables were parallel with the wishbones! They sent me the specific ones for the MT. So there are 2 specific sets for the MT, standard and tuned hope that helps.
f6250/1 brake kit

I had a quick question?>??????

Will these fit the FG MT .........f6250/1.....I have read different things and i am not sure what to believe...

Any help would be greatt


no as stated above you need part # 6250/3 or the tuned brakes 6250/6. The /1 are for the marder models only, the /3 are specifically made for the monster truck models.
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