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howdy guys and gals

was just going to ask for a opinion question

are front disk brakes non hydro brakes better than back disk non hydro ???

and do i need to put another servo on or is the throtle one ok as is?

its pritty powerful but is it worth extra?

let me know:)
After running Front brakes on my Leo Race, the braking distance is reduced to around 1/3, no matter which surface.

Cable brakes are the most often seen one, for off-road, and also for some onroad.

I would go for 2 servos, no matter how powerfull your gas/brake servo is, with a good RC set and 3 servos, you can easily adjust the max braking effekt on both the front and rear.
That is very difficult, but not impossible, if running a single servo for Braking.
Adjusting the Brake mix while Running, can only be done, if you use seperate front and rear brake servos.

I am running some older Magura Hydro brakes I got cheap fom another FG Driver, but if I was looking for Cable Brakes, then I have read that the Technokit CUP cable brakes gets very high marks.
he means his stopping distance has been shorting by 1/3 so if from wot he was stopping at 21 feet, now hes doing it in 14 feet.
yes you should run 2nd servo for your front/rear disc brakes ( both on one servo, or front on one, back/throt on orig )
Sorry. My stopping distance is now 1/3 of what it was before. ex. before 60 feet, now 20 feet.
The factor is aprox the same, no matter what surface.

I would go for 2 servos, and a RC System with 3 channels, where you can have throttle/brake on one channel and front brake on another channel.

When using it like this, then it is relatively easy to adjust the strenght of the front brake/rear brake individually.
With the right RC Equipment you can actually change the Front/Rear brake Bias while driving(Nomadio Sensor and React can do that)
If you use 2 servos and a Y-connector, then it will be a bit complicated to change the adjustment of the front/rear brake effect, and impossible to do, while running on the track.
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