Dominator vs. Jet pro

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I am looking at getting the Jet Pro unsilenced pipe, and I am also considering the DDM Dominator pipe. They seem to both be good at low and mid, but my only concern is justifing an extra fifty dollars for the Jet Pro. I would just like some different opinoins on the two. Not interested in a can so no suggestoins for those needed. :nono: Thanks!!! Wayne
i have both pipes and it just depends what u are after. the dominator pipe has more low and mid then the jet pro. but the jet pro let me rev higher.

if u are running in a smaller area id use the ddm pipe because it hits top end faster, if u are bashing in a large area id use the jetpro. because it will let u go faster on top end.

this is what i was seeing with my buggy running a esp race ported zen 26.
I wasn't aware of the top end of the Jet Pro, I was running in front of my house (to small of an area, mail boxes etc). I now have about 2 acres of bashing area so I think the Jet Pro might be a better fit. I will also be using it on the stock engine w/ the Walbro Wt-813 and a Z-rc tall billet intake manifold. Do you think this would help with low end and high coupled with the Jet Pro???
the jet pro should bring it right to life. u will notice alot more power all the way around. but u will notice the biggest gain on mid and high end with the jp 3.

i never ran any thing besides stock carb and intake so im not sure how much thats going to add. but i think it should defently help.
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