Doug's hpi 5B SS


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I have just bought my first baja (y)
It's a used 26 2 bolt with a pig tail pipe. Its gonna be shipped to me from up country so it's not in my hand just yet:unsure: getting the guy ship so it arrives on a day my wife is at work:LOL:(y) you know how it goes!
As soon as I have it I'll photo bomb
Can't wait to see it!


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Hey Jim
The vented clutch housing is on my losi (y)
When I bought it came with a spacer so it
Would d fit losi or hpi. My zen fits a losi but if i add the space it will fit the baja(y)
So yes vertigo but only the spacer:unsure::ROFLMAO:
will you get the housing for your Baja?
did you not get the TLR vented clutch bell housing with the 5ive-b kit? or is that an extra?


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Yes the TLR has a vented bell housing as stock I then bought the vertigo clutch housing to upgrade the stock zen one
Looking at what is available more than likely go TR complete clutch for the hpi it's a bit less than the vertigo setup :unsure: may just put a hex vertigo bell on it