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Well first run one of the 2 broke. Happened in 1/8 scale too and I ditched them.Gonna order 2 kits.
Rovan pull start? If so, ditch it for a Zen if you do decide to replace it. Even tho my rovan hasn't been a problem either. Check this video I made a while back. It may help if you decide to stay with a pull start.


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Anything is possible but why🤷🏽‍♂️ They are really not that difficult. Especially if we are talking small bore.
I dunno man, I had the worst luck with pullstarters on my OBR, even after getting it tuned and broken in. I don't mind yanking on the cord, but when a part breaks, it takes days to wait for shipping.

For me it was just a matter of convenience. If the one way on my drill breaks, I can drive 2 miles to Lowe's or HD and get another one for a few bucks. And it gave me an excuse to get a cordless drill.

I'm sure if I owned more than one 5th scale, I'd reconsider the return on investment to get one for each car.

@jkoppk I'm not sure which starter you're planning on using, but a 90 degree drill should work as long as it isn't an impact driver and it has plenty of torque. Just make sure you can actually get the chuck in place on the car before you commit.

I'm running a HF Hercules. It puts out over 500 inch lbs of torque and tops out at about 2000 rpm. It's more than is necessary, but should provide you some basic specs for what to use.


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I dunno on this, mine start easy. 10 pumps, 3 priming slow pulls, 2 or 3 from there its running. Haven't even used a choke since one of the engines I bought here came with a chokeless. They just don't need any mechanical help imo. From what ive seen most people pull to hard, and to fast. That will break pull starters every time. Short lite strokes, don't wind it out. Attacking it like a scorned hyena wont help.😠😡🤬✊✊✊✊✊😂


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Are you pulling the rope till it engages than following through? Or just grabbing the rope and banging them into the starter tangs. That will break starters quickly also. Need to pull till it engages than continue with pulling. Do not engage it than slacken it up to give it a running start. You would have defeated the whole thing of pulling till it engages than following through.