Dune Series Piggyback for Baja Shocks

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I might be wrong but to me it gives you a larger volume of oil spread between 2 chambers, rather than creating a large positive pressure on one side of the piston and a negative one on the other as it moves thru its travel at a high rate (like on a jump landing or hitting a big bump) and pop a shock or leak due to the pressure - the reservoir allows a smoother travel as the oil can bleed between the reservoir and the shock body as the piston travels its length.
What will these do for suspension, what is the thought behind them, and does anyone run these with improved performance?

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Hey BTB, didn't know you are a baja fan!!
OK what these do:
When you fill your shock "completly" up with oil and assemble, you will know already that you can't push the shock shaft into the body as the shock shaft needs to displace it's own volume in oil to be able to enter the shock body. So you bleed the shock and "presto" it now goes in and out, however the shock now has air inside as this is what causes the piston to come out slightly due to compression "of the air"..... With this little gadget it allows you to fill the shock completley with oil and it acts as buffer / reservior so your shock shaft moves in & out at the same rate, at the moment you will feel the shaft moves easier at full extension then gets more resistance when it's at the upper limits of it's travel.

Hope that helps.
Have had one for almost a year I think now. Have the best of both worlds in the shop. Only upgrades I've done to the Baja at this time are a DDM pipe, Clutch set, 4200 batt, and installed my Spectrum. Almost in need of rear tires, all the knobs are wearing off little by little. Always keeping an eye on the next upgrade when funds are available, I need to be careful the funds are far and few in between. :( Thinking rear tires will be the 1st.

Get the Hostile Tires, I'm on about my 4th or 5th tank with no wear. They are worth the 70 bucks for the pair.
The RC4WD shocks seem to preform well overall. I saw a set being run at the Duntoberfest on Jimmy4fingers rig. As far as woking well as a shock he likes them. The issue he did have is that the aluminum at the top of the shocks stretched and the upper mounting ball came loose and wont stay in. Poor Alloy? Bad batch of shocks? Who knows. This is the first I have heard if this.

DarkSoul previewed a proto of their new piggyback shocks. They still need a little refining but offer GREAT promise.
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