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Chandler, AZ
I thought I was going to join you guys last night. I bid on a 3 year old newver run Marder. Missed it in the last 2 minutes. I need to figure out that sniping software.
I really want a roller. No radio, no motor, no wheels. i ahve enough of that stuff laying around. I'm thinking of getting into the FG Hop-up market, so this first one will be my test fit truck.
www.fg-hopups.com is the only one I know of it would be nice to have another option:cool2: I've sent him emails before about some of his products but never get a reply:no: so why would I send him any money for orders,it's like HELLOOOOOOO anybody home.:no:
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i almost grabbed a Sportsline that went for 360 plus s+h no elects. but was only slightly used, had FBs, cable, and a nice red new Porche body!. should of grabbed it up and parted it out!!!!!!!!!!! and kept the body..lol
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