elcon clutch update

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it's the elcon 4 shoe race clutch. you can get them in the states from rc nut hobbies or i got mine from krikke. this sure is going to save me from lots of clutches you guys are going throu.
I have the turtle bell as the stocker has holes in it,plus it isn't very true. all you need are a couple of those shims from hpi. z897 to shim out any play. what it does is keep the four outter screws on the clutch from rubbing the bell. When you put it together, make sure you use the shorter springs as the longer silver ones are for the onroad setup. this unit is adjustable from 6000-10000 so set it up anyway you like. Simple yet very effective. Plus these race clutches friggin hook up. Just think 2 vs 4 shoes contacting the bell of course it's going to hook up harder with less slippage. I have been running lauterbachers clutch for years in my fg beetle and truck and NO ISSUES. This clutch is pretty much same. Pitstop makes a very similar one to. I;m sure any of these clutches will work as they are all pretty much the same dimensions. But i do have the elcon one and it works awesome. Plus if you do ever wear the clutch out you can buy just the shoes and not the whole thing.:)
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