Embarrassing RC incidents, habits, etc.?

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Since my Firehammer MT is down and I was out driving my Losi Aftershock I thought of this and thought I'd post it:blush: ....

My first radio back in 85/86 with my Tamiya Hornet was an Aristocraft stick radio. When I finally switched to a Team Losi JRX2 a couple years later, I purchased my first pistol grip radio, the Futaba Magnum Sport. Well, since I had never driven with a pistol radio, I somehow, probably during the time I was setting up my Novak esc, I flipped the channel reverse switch, the wrong one initially.....Now, when I drive with a pistol grip, and only with a pistol, my steering is the opposite. Right is left and left is right.

The funny thing is, whenever I hand my radio over to someone to drive a car, they always say "it's steering funny". So I then have to flip the reverse switch and re-adjust for them.

Yes, I've tried many, many times to learn it correctly. But it feels like trying to sign my name using my left hand. Just can't get the hang of it. :)

How's that for weird?
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