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i just got my Fire Hammer MT two days ago and I'm on the second tank
ever since i ran the two tanks I have keep my engine at half throtle or the engine stalls could this just be because the engine is new and it will go away after a bit or is there some thing I should fix. it seamed to be getting better but It still stalls:dots: .
It may be running rich in stock settings, but for now until you lean out the low needle you can adjust the idle screw which is the large screw that the throttle linkage sits against when at idle. If you screw that in it will push the linkage open a bit or If you feel its running rich on the low end (bogging when starting from stand still) you can adjust the (L) low needle in 1/16 turn in and that will help raise the idle also.

Stock carby settings are around:
H - 1 3/4 +/- 1/4 turn
L - 1 1/2 +/- 1/4 turn

Settings are made from screw completely seated in turned out to the correct # of turns.
there should be a H and L on the carb above the screws.
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Ya, should try the idle screw 1st if it won't idle up try the 1/16th turn. You can also check to see what the L and H are at just turn them in counting the revolutions. Here are a couple pics showing the idle screw and the H & L symbols on the casing of the carb.
Good Luck!:)


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