engine rebuild, crankcase out?

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hello all,

I am in need of some help. i purchased the upgrade for my 23cy to a 29 with the overstuffed crankcase. I began tearing down the engine last night and I hit a stopping point. i took off the everything, got to the clutch removed that and now i can not seperate the casing. i can not get the piece that the clutch connects to off, nor can I get the fan off.

I am not sure if I am missing something but I need help!

is there a link or anything that breaks down rebuildign these??

thank you!:helpsmilie:
ok this is what i did. i took a car battery terminal puller that u get from autozone and put the screw back in the center that was sticking out about 1/8" and used it as a puller. it will want to slide off so it way take several tries. i have read that people have also taken longer screws and screwed them in all the way till they hit the crankcase also but u could crack it if not careful or spend $40 and get this http://www.davesmotors.com/store/product809.html . here is a rebuild link http://www.hpibajaforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6928
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