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hi shiny im not to good with thes but i did have one but sent it back because it wouldnt start it was compleet with carb and all where i got it from and they give me a new falcon 2 tuned from the pit stop shop in holland but ive just heard that ds has a new motor and thats looks the bees knees check his site or pm him on it the lads on mcd rc.com are talking about it alot:cool2:

hope thats what for you
I upgraded my hammer with an Oniell's 27cc kit when I stripped out the exhaust bolt few years back and I was quite impressed with the upgraded power and even more when I added the DDM pipe. Very cheap upgrade all together. Problem is it was so much more power I took out the diff and now I had to upgrade that to the alloy cage and stainless sleeve, now its well, I know I'm going to regret it but I'll say it "bullet proof".:blush:
If you know what you are doing, then the top end is ok. OR you can go Ebay and buy the new 27cc CY engine for $139.99. It's the shortest way.
Don't waste too much money, Buy the new engine.
Yes. A new engine is the easy fast and cheap way to go. But to me doing the work and is half the fun. It may work it may not fixing it is relay rewarding to me.
The idea from this hobby is: Bash it, Brake it, fix it.
I have read on a forum that if you don't break it, you are not bashing it (in other words you are not having fun)

Keep on bashing.
Go Ebay then search for " 27cc engine "
The Ebay store name Supral, i think.
It's cost 139.99 + $10 shipping + $10 CA tax = $159.99

I wasted my money on the Top End kit, and stuff. I should have bought this engine at the begining.
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don't forget the coupon code LSF on you ddm order save you a little more. Also you can take off the carb before you put most of his motors in your checkout cart save $10-15 your carb is ok than just reuse it. But like everyone above just get the new engine.
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