ESP 27.2 not enough power for BAJA 1000?

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myrtle beach
I am getting alot of low end bog with my ESP 27.2 I pulled it off my HPI BAJA so I know the motor is great. After my baja 1000 gets moving it Screams, I am runing the higher gears 33-30-19-30 just doesn't seem to have any LOW END power,

Wondering if its the motor or gear..
with a modded motor in the mcd baja you need to run a race/tuning clutch as the revs are too low with a standard clutch u need something like a pitstop tuning clutch which is what i run reason being the standard clutch engages at 6000 revs it needs to engage at 9000 revs i have also heard of people shaving the standard clutch to make it lighter so it engages at a higher rev

also change your gearing to 27/36/25/24 cause i take it it will be 24/39/24/25dont know why they supply it with that gearing, its way too short, the engine revs out at around 30mph. Get the 27/36 gears, then swap your 24/25 to 25/24 that will give you a top end of around 40mph & loads of torque at the low. this was advice given to me when i started runnin my mcd baja a few weeks back and it does make a difference as i run a 29cc engine in mine
Before installing a tuned clutch, contact the supplier of the engine to find out if it's been tuned to use a tuned or standard clutch? as i have found out the hard way! I have the 26cc ALRO ENGINE! I bought a fg 4 shoe clutch for it and have noticed nothing at all,then found out ROB at ALRO tunes the motors to the standard clutch!
yeahs but an mcd needs to engage the clutch at a higher rpm at 9000 rpm where as a fg only needs 6000 rpm so if its has to run a standard clutch then he will need to lighten the clutch shoes so it engages later at 9000 rpm
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