esp and 20/44 gearing

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well i tested my throphy truck this weekend for the first time where i could open it up and HOLY SH*T this thing is fast. im aliitle worried i have not even leaned it out and had to get out of the gas b4 it hit its top end (got nervous). im only running the 603 carb and the fg 2 piece pipe and the last of my gas at 25%. if anybody is thinking about porting their motor CALL DOUG FIRST he's worth every penny.
his customer service is awsome. i burned up a esp ported zen 26 and doug took the time out of his busy day to drive 2 hours each way to my house to persionally bring me my motor on a sunday at that. i could not ask for better running motors and awsome customer service. 2 thumbs up. esp rocks all the way. i will never run anything but esp motors in the future
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