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Well the LSF lotto got me looking and I thinking about upgrading my stock FG Monster Truck to an ESP 30.5cc engine.

Here is what is in the shopping cart now:

  • ESP Fully Ported 30.5cc (link)
  • Walbro WT-813 carb (link)
  • TGN high performance intake manifold (link)
  • TGN Blue gas tank cover (link)
  • Outerwears blue pull start pre-filter (link)
  • Outerwears blue airfilter pre-filter (link)
  • Zenoah in-tank felt chuck filter (link)
I'm still using the stock engine mounts and I'm not sure if this is must have or not. Anything else I need right away?

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...You don't need to buy the complete engine, if you are a little handy you can install the stuffed crank, pot nad piston, and reed kit yourself.

Personally, I am going to get myself the 27.2 SOON.

Both links you gave me where of complete engines... :huh:

Which would be a better engine - an ESP ported engine or a REED?

Why did you decide to go with a reed engine over the other types? Honestly I don't know what the real difference between the two are other then to what I can see at first glance is it's just a matter of who it's from.

I noticed DDM has a 30.5 ESP modified and ported big-block kit for $164 and O'Neils has a Machined and Reed ported 30.5cc kit for about $100 more. Is the REED worth that extra $100 and what can one expect from it?

It would be nice if there was a review done on some of these popular engines and big-bore kits.

I agree with you on the reviews, I would like to see real life hp and torque #'s max rpm and like you I am a little in the dark on the whole reeds vs piston port thing.

My LHS stocks Oneill stuff, so that is why I am going that route. The Reed ported Oneill engines are BEAUTIFUL, Money is not much of a issue, is it worth the extra $$$$ I don't know. I would like to though.

I seen a BAJA 5b with a Oneill reed ported 27.2 it was insane, the 30.5 would be good too, less rpm but higher hp and torque #'s.

The real tough thing is it realy depends who you talk to, and that shouldn't matter, we all bash.
make no mistake, that ESP 30.5 is a hell of a motor.

a reed induction is a bit smoother, has a bit more top rpm and torque compared to a identical motor thats piston ported.

BUT, the porting for a reed is entirely different than for a Piston port.

while its true that Zen has better quality, the 30.5 is built around the CY GP290 motor. which is prolly the top dog motor where cy is concerned. decent unit, good cylinder plating (compared to the other offerings from CY) and with the 2mm crank has killer torque.
ESP does much to his motor, from the full porting to moddifying the head for proper squish and corrected compression and more.

the GP290 has High compression, and without some of the addtional work done, tends to blow cylinder gaskets. a copper gasket will solve that, but with the work done on ESPs motor, a stock gasket works fine.

also FYI, i would just run the stock 644 carb Woodie. for whatever reason, many have posted tuning/running issues when useing the 813 and the big bore motors. the 813 seems to play much better with the smaller bores lke the Zen 26.

in the end a reed would yield a bit more everything over a piston port, but will run you a bit more Cash to get it out the door as well.

personally id go ESP. his phone is nearly always on, and he ll set and talk with you for hrs if need be makeing sure of what you want (things can be ported differntly to fit the need) and the same goes for after the sale.

also Doug (ESP) can install a reed cage and do all necessary porting to boot.

yes hes a bit more money in the end, but imho, its money well spent.
personally id go ESP. his phone is nearly always on, and he ll set and talk with you for hrs if need be makeing sure of what you want (things can be ported differntly to fit the need) and the same goes for after the sale.

also Doug (ESP) can install a reed cage and do all necessary porting to boot.

yes hes a bit more money in the end, but imho, its money well spent.
i agree with Timmahh. call Doug he wont steer u wrong. it way take a little while to get the motor if he builds it but well worth the wait. u could allways take your motor send it to him and have him turn it into a 30.5. if u need his number let us know and ill send it to you.
if you have any questions Woodie, just give Doug a Call, he ll be happy to discuss the options and what to expect out of them.

Dougs not much of a puter guy, other than posting up.
man thats a hard choice ive been running esp 30.5's in my baja and rampage mt but i just got a oneill bro pro mod g240 for my sportsline 08 its a 5.4hp motor(its stupid) its screams at 21000rpm to much power it blow the tires off the rims on the first tank and i have to put thick grease in the diff. so i now i coulld vouch for there work it awesome. and now that i know they do great work firsthand id recommend them to anyone. id give sean a call too and see wat he says too. there both both great guys(sean and doug) give them both a call and see wat they can do for u
what is a good RELIABLE motor that it ported a bit with tones of torq, i have a 30.5 but is a bit of a prob to tune... but its still new... its ben bumped up by oniel bros with copper gasget. i have a old zen 23 in my onraod rig should i rebuild it or i just buy new one?
Marder, what carb you using? if its the 813, its a bit of a PITA to tune, and on the bigger bore motors, it don't like to play with them too well

I would recommend you pick up an ESP 27.2 (full mod and port at 425.00) or the ESP 30.5 full mod motor (also 425.00) From DDM.

if you want a bit more, than have ESP build you a TS Reed Case 27.2 or 30.5. a bit steeper price wise, but omg smooth USEABLE power on them. once you go ESP, you ll never be left guessing.
lads not smart

lads if it was my choice(hope im not butting in here) check out hobby tek germany they are the very best fg specialists,they do for 750euro a cad power fully race tuned, ported and BLUEPRINTED motor, this is the real deal lads. its the engine all the pro track lads use...
its based around the zenoah G270 new genoration 4 bolt motor,comes fully sorted out the shop......

in my eyes the ultimate.
comes with full documentation for blueprints and cool little storage crate.
my next inveastment i think..
lads not being smart

lads hope im not butting in but i think if it was my choice id go to hobby tek germany they are the real fg specialists, they keep in stock a BLUEPRINTED fully race ported and tuned cad power zenoah engine,in my eyes the real deal.

its based on the new genoration zenoah G270motor 4 bolt head,documentation for all the blueprints on it,race ported,fully sorted for aprox 750euro. comes also with a cool storage crate.
my next investment i think!
is this what u run in the beetle? if yes I can vouch for performance. I think ive seen all your vids and very impressed with this engine!

how has it been reliability wise?
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