Essential FG Baja/Marder Hop ups.

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What would you guy consider to be the essential things to change/modify to make either of these 2 buggies stronger/more reliable?

So far I have got -
1. Outerwears Pullstart Cover
2. Outerwears Airfilter Cover
3. Velocity Stack
4. Inline Fuel Filter
5. UniFilter w/Hpi Outer
6. Battery Meter(not essential, but I like LED's):)
7. Boost Bottle(another one of those things I am just curious about)

The things on my list are -
1. Alloy motor mount
2. Alloy gear carrier
3. Jetpro V2 pipe?
4. Shock Socks(on the way)
5. Front Cable brakes
6. Widening kit(anyone know of one, the FG Baja is a little unstable in the corners)

Any others you guys can think of???
alloy rear upper arms and a failsafe would be good addition as well.

i prefer hydros to cable brakes and if your after affordable, reliable, high performance and low maintenance hydros go for the kpd mark 3 hydros.
i would definately look at alloy engine mounts,alloy gear carrier,jetpro and shock covers unless you are going to use it for racing i wouldnt go to the expense of hydros or cable discs as for the widening kit there is only one available for the leopard and it isnt necessary for the fg baja mine handles fine in the corners but also it is 2wd not 4wd

i would definately recommend the alloy diff case and cover
and an indestructable rear spoiler cause with pulling wheelies yesterday it destroyed my wing
Yeah I have a HPI Baja wing, the one it came with looked like a Tupperware container so it went straight away, I have a spur/pinion cover on there aswell.
I find if the corners on grass it tends to flip real easy, I thought a widening kit may help this.

I just ordered a Jetpro exhaust.

Whizzy, what is that brace you have on the back of yours near the diff???
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no just ease of the throttle going in and nail it coming out don't get me wrong the widening kit on the leopard improves the handling as i had it on my leopard but it also comes down to the driver
another thing u may wish to consider is a rn tuning offroad filter kit i run them on my fg and mcd and i think they are a very good filter
the tires are a low profile killer tire i run the standard killer tires on my mcd and find them very good on all surfaces very grippy tire so they do take a bit to get used too if u haven't used them before
There is a whole different method in driving, I am still used to the handling of my old LST2, I went from that to a Traxxas Monster Buggy, that handled surprisingly well.
The speed & power of the FG is quite surprising, even in stock form. Besides the rollovers I am very happy with the FG & would recommend it to anyone.
your lst was 4wd and the fgs and mcds are in a different class to the traxxas monster buggy however with the release of the hpi baja im sure it wont be long till we see something from traxxas as they do make good nitro models all i can say mate is get use to the tyres and u will grow to love them yes they are very grippy but not too much as i said try easing off the throttle a bit in the corners and u will see the difference between making it round and rolling
I used bigger squares on my Leopard, can either get bigger squares or join two together... I did also get longer front axles..
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