exhaust advice pls

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Go with one of the two I posted from DDM (or from somewhere in the UK). You may have to cut the body a bit. I'll try and go take a look at mine and compare yours to the body mounts on my Duratrax FHMT. I'll snap a pic so you can see what the pipe looks like on mine.
if u don't want to cut the body u could check out the fg stadium pipe. its chamber is skinner than a lot of pipes. but perfomace is going to be less than the pipes from daves

need help again is there any one out there that make after market bodies like the gravediggeror 50's trucks or maybe a El camino or anything but a ford :helpsmilie: :helpsmilie:
the chevy body is kinda thin compared to the stock fg body. other than the chevy u can use the newbright bodies but they don't take rollovers well but for less than 20 bucks its still a good deal.
hey Todd217 were do you find them newbright bodies at I think that is what I am looking .I go out trashing all the time so the cheaper the better I hope they are painted
I would just get the Firehammer MT truck body, 59 bucks at Tower. I don't think you'll find a better price on one. Plus, It's not a ford or chevy or anything for that matter.
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