Exhaust. Performance V. Durability.

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LSF vendor
Sonoma County CA
I tend to be a fairly aggressive basher and have been looking into getting a different exhaust to help boost the performance. I do understand the reasons for a tuned pipe and the advantages of them.

As I view the different options available I see that the tuned pipes are large and tend to snake around the roll cage, hang out the back and curl back around again. I can help but think that one good landing on the ass end is going to do some damage to either a 200.00 pipe or ?????

How durable are the larger pipes?

I then see smaller contained units like the X-Can or others like it all tucked up nice and protected. Im sure they offer an good amount of performance gain over the stock units but by design can be as efficient as a longer tuned unit.

Again coming from a hard bashers point of view, what are you thoughts on exhaust selection durability V performance V cost?
I went with the X-can. It makes a big difference in performance, and hasn't let me down yet. I really don't need the extra performance of the tuned pipes with the style of driving I do. One less thing to worry about when I'm testing other stuff.
I have the Jetpro V2. I've flipped my truck going full speed more times then I'd care to say and only minor scatches and dents on the pipe. I've also had a few landings on its lid and again no damage...I think they are pretty durable...but its like everything else if u really abuse the crap out of it then its bound to break. Cant speak for the pipes that hang on the side or come out the back though.
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