Exhaust Removal/Swap

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Long Island New York
Hey guys a quick question..

Going to be swapping my exhaust out soon and was wondering after replacing is it ok to just use a new gasket or should you also use some sort of sealant? If so what kind??

Also before you install your new pipe take a strait edge and check the flange surface to make sure its flat some need to be resurfaced from the welding process and its also A good idea to check the head for the same thing..If there flat you should not have to many problems with it holding a good seal..
Hers' a pic to help show what Im talking about.
Thanks for the picture YamahaDude, so a straight edge razor is what would be needed if anything needs to be cleaned, removed? What about a dremel tool?? Would that also work or could I run the risk of taking "to much off" and you are saying both sides Pipe end and engine exhaust outlet right?

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