ExpressCraft Twin Cat Project

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Hi guys!! the boat is 60" long and I was told since it is such a wide hull that you don't have to have one engine counter rotating and I should not have a problem with prop walk. I will post more pictures as I get things done.
Nope its mine, i got it a month ago. Cost me $419 to ship it from WI to Me. I was suppose to pay $300, but screwed me ROYALLY!!!!
yes that is me I wanted a 72" cat but I would have had to buy a new pickup just to haul it with. good luck No Moa with your project.
here is a update on a few things i have got done on the cougercat






I have to say that looks to be some killer boat work you've done there. Nice, nice, nice.:cool2: I really want to get me a boat - I have plenty of water around me. Anyone ever wish they had not gotten one or is it like our other toys you always find a reason that its a good idea?
Well got to get out and run some boats today was a great day here. I ran the Expresscraft for the first time did pretty good could have been faster. I think I may have a little to much lift in the props I ran today. here is the link for the Video it is not the best in the world I just used and digital camera.
Thanks crawlercrazed

Thinking about selling it and my MCD truck if anyone is interested have not had time to do much with it:no:

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