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Hey all, the 29 CY in my Baja will not start, it ran 2 weeks ago, i pulled the side cover off to change it, put it back on and now it won't start, i have spark and fuel. Any ideas. Don't know what i did.
did u try a new plug. ive seen plugs that spark before and still wont start. then change it and have it start right up
Harris is right, drop in a new plug. may be fouled? stock or 813 carby? the 813 can be EASY to flood out.
does it look like a weak spark or a strong one? u did not loosen the screws on the coil right. is the new plug really wet or dry?
Don't know about the spark, i'll test it. Did not touch the coil. Plug is damp, but not flooded wet.
Guys, i need some help, i got the baja sold, and i cannot get the thing to start, i think i got boned on this Baja. I have what i think is pretty good spark, i dumped some fuel directly into the cylinder, and nothing.I checked the carb, the coil is about a credit cards width from the flywheel. I have pulled that damn cord so much i thought i was haveing a heart attack. If i can't come up with some sort of repair, i'm junking the whole damn buggy.
Anyone else got any ideas, i have been a 2 stroke outboard mechanic for 22 years, and i can't for the life of me figure out WTH is wrong.
make sure its not flooded. then put a bit of oil in the plug hole, then try to start as you would normally, if it fires over then the compression is most likely low and it needs a ring or possilby more.
compression seems ok, it will blow my finger right off the plug hole, but that may not mean anything, i'm going to take my compression gauge and check it tomorrow.
make sure the kill switch button not stuck on the in position. This happens more often than not and everyone forgets to look there.
Thanks, i did check that, wouldn't i not have any spark at all if the kill switch was stuck in?
that should be right. stuck in off switch, no spark, not stuck spart,
BUT if its partially stuck it could be arking the kill switch gap robbing your spark from the plug.
Well, installed a new CARB, no luck. Removed the jug, piston looks good, no gouging or scrapes. Reinstalled jug, new plug. Nothing. I took the motor out and tossed it in the trash, i'm going to save up now tilli can get a new motor. I'll stick to the 26cc, they have been bulletproof for me so far.
No Moa, if you want send it to me, and i ll see whats going on with it, and send it back to ya!
seriously! no bs. ship it here & i ll get it going for ya.
Thanks Timmahh, I'll think it over, if i really even want to deal with it, i think i should just buy a new 26 and be done with the damn thing.
Hey, the last thing you haven't checked was the coil itself.. it could be bad.. i had a brand new Zen26 and the coil failed on me in less then a month.. no bull.. I hope you get it figured out. Engine trouble sucks for sure, i've been as frustraighted as you.
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