F40 chassis

Look what i got coming this chassis is 5mm thick and is 60mm longer!

And i got one of the these coming to strenghten up the front end somemore!
both items fit the marder, monster, beetle
It ain't going to with me either dude! do but it should improve the handling massively !!! plus i got the ELCON wide axle blocks to go on her so that shouls help even more?
Just letting you knoe guys it's been extended from fuel tank to radio plate which is perfect for me do drop the batteries onto the chassis to keep the weight down low Here is a couple of pics of the standard Marder/Beatle/Monster Truck chassis! And the rebuild!
13032007022.gif:) :)
a nice Asgaurd body will mount up real nice on the stretched out chassis .
i made my own chassis outa 6.35 7075 t6 alolot and stretched it out as well .. my MB body barely mounts onto it now ..
Anyways Looks Awesome ..
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