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screamin chicken

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I have the one that you can shut off the truck using your 3rd ch. today when I tried to turn it off the light came on but the truck stayed running I had to use the kill switch....
you have the 3rd channel wired with the lights or the kill switch?
sounds like the lights to me, what the radio system and kill swith setup?
Yes it's the one with the light, I am using a Spektrum DX 3.0 it worked last weekend I did not do anything but take the batteries out to charge them.Yesterday I went to cut it off and when I push the C button the light comes on but it stays running.
man im not sure, i hvent wired my lights or CBE kill switch in yet.

Theres a thread on HBF from Gussy, owner/disigner of CBE, that may help explain your issues. i ll find the thread and link you to it here.

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