failsafe problems

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hey guys, i just installed my new failsafe and folowed the instructions but to my big surprise when i cut the radio insted of getting full brake i get full throttle?

help anyone

the servo is a standard hitech for monster beetle pro RTR
the failsafe is a GWS FS-2

it should brake the car if the signal is lost or if the power on the battery is under 4volts.

thanx Gus
and I bet you are using a jr xr3 radio?

I was involved in helping design a failsafe. it started when I bought the gws and it wouldn't work with my xr3 radio setup. I took it back to the lhs and it worked fine with another radio system. it fueled us to make a failsafe to work with all radio systems. we tested and sent out samples all over the world and I took all the info of radio. rx and servo combinations. the 5th version is now on sale. I could go on and on but we tested and destroyed a lot of failsafes.

if you have another radio system, test it out again.
im using a hitechagressor radio, the one that came with the package =/

even when i put the throttle in reverse on the radio the failsafe still gives full throttle when signal is lost?!?
i just tried the failsafe in another rc, a old electric one my friend had. it also makes that one WOT when the signal is lost.

also hitech reciever and servos in that one.

the rotary trim??

the trims on my radio make it accel/brake and turn ofc. or maybe i don't unerstand what you mean? 8)
when you adjust that screw, it should change the point the servo goes when in failsafe. basically. turn the radio off and adjust that screw until the throttle sits neutral or slight brakes. you should be fine...

I had to think past my bias of failsafes to realize it ;)
aah yes that did it. the screw was so small that i didnt really turn it with the screwdrivers i had. i had to go get my doughters set for her Micro-t and now its dialed in and works fine. Thanks alot for the help :D
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