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Hey all, I have an FG Baja & was wondering if the pipes that fit on the Marder will fit on the Baja, I don't want to have to butcher the body to much to make it fit.
I am looking at the Jetpro pipes at the moment.

The ddm pipe will probably need the least amount of cutting. I am going to use this:

hi i fitted the marder jetpro pipe to mine and it looks really good ok u do have to cut a bit of the shell away but it looks really good with this pipe



yeah but i have remedied that by using a fuel pump for fuel and being able to get my hand under the shell to switch the electrics on and have a charge lead at the side for charging the 3300 battery and u don't need to take the shell of as the pullstart will come out the back no problems
We played around with the Dom pipes on a Baja last night. The Top end pipe fouled the rollcage so basically wont fit unless you cut a chunk out (must be different to the MT cage?). The torque pipe fits nicely but does require cuting the body, probably more so than the Jetpro. I'll see about a pic once the body mods are done.
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