FG Baja, With a few hop ups

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Hi there

Looks great,

What was the total price tag of the project ?

How much heavier is it?

Keep us posted on improved performance.

good day...
Iv just ordered a Trevor simpson billet reedcase and head rated at 9bhp. i have never weighted it but its definatly a a kilo or 2 + heavier and the price tag SO FAR is £3057 =]
:lol: the engine is from DDM the engine puts out 7bhp without a pipe :O and claimed 9bhp with a DDM and hear porting/transfer ports. i use modified MCD shafts for the drive train and helical gear set to keep power transfer at best so as not to smash my gears.
this im my little butie
part way through rebuild


When built up




very nice!
you must have bench bled your brakes cos your calipers look like they're on upside down.
What servo tray are you using? looks like the unit I need.
How do you find all the alloy for bashing...durable or have you bent owt yet, I'm looking to get the elcon xl arms and ball drives for the rear of mine but in my nitro days I found alloy bent too easy when things went way south (flips,endos, barrel rolls etc)whilst bashing.
Keeps the rears from twisting, so as not to tear them from the rear bulkheads. Someone else did that also. Really a good idea for that much power.
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