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FG Baja Zenoah G320 Project


Hi guys, after being told by practically everyone that I cant have the new Zenoah G320 in any of my FG's I have decided I'm going to give it a go.
I have a 535 4wd chassis that I was going to swap over my Baja onto which has more space on-board for moving stuff around. I thought id put my progress on here so you guys can see what im doing and offer any advice as you can

Here is my Zenoah G320 with standard clutch housing

I replaced it with these bits
Which I bought from Richard at Rossendale Models as per his recommendation. TOP BLOKE

I had to file down the engine mount and the edge of the lower bolt hole on the clutch bell housing to make sure the 2 parts fit together nicely, a complete part like on the evo cars would make this bit a doddle if anyone could make one up!

Bolted onto the chassis

I had to make up a couple of engine tabs to connect the housing to the engine mount as they are in the wrong place slightly, I ended up cutting one of the clutch bell spacers and siting the tab in the middle as seen below.

The tab closest to the diff is now q shaped

Here is the engine sitting quite nicely on the chassis, Im happy with the angle of the engine, if anything it will lower the COG a bit, im planning to mod a DDM Dominator exhaust slightly to fit the new angle.
I just have to make a new small engine mount and it will be solid.

Its still a tight fit!! but not as tight as it looks from here!



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Long Island NY
Wow I can't believe I missed this thread! Awesome work dude! Nothing is impossible right. Can we get a pic of the flywheel side of car? Wanna see how much room you got in between the tire, did you have to extend the rear wheel base? I just picked up an old Duratrax FireHammer and was thinking about throwing either a 32 or 34cc in it, it's much wider then my FG but accepts most of the parts my Marder does. I bet this project woulda been much easier on a 2wd, seems like you have a ton of room on the left side.