FG Bearing Contest

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LSF Vendor!
LSF vendor
Sonoma County CA
Guess how may grams the TeamFastEddy Full FG Bearing kit weighs and its yours.
The weight includes the Full Bearing Set and Retail Packaging.

The "Full Bearing Set" as well as a "Wheel Bearing Only Set" are exclusively available only at www.TeamGoNads.com Go to their site and find the bearing kit to help you guess the total weight.

The contest will end when someone hits the EXACT weight of the package I have weighed on my scale. The weight has been documented and dated before the contest started.

You can only make one guess per day.
The weight must be in "Grams".
The winner must be located on the planet Earth.
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aw some contest Fas-Teddy..... oops... didn't meant o :no: :clown:

should i enter? i think i know it :cool2: . maybe this will give me a good reason to buy a crazy leopard race! off a friend.
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