FG Chatter???

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Thanks for all the info. The diff. was not aligned properly and it was interrmitently jumping a tooth here and there. Thanks all
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First off are you running a polycarbonate gear cover? and if so are you running the 16/48 gear ratio? if you are,whilst accelerating the 48 gear can rub the cover!! and make that clicking noise!!
No...No cover. I'm stumped. For being a mechanic for so long I feel retarded that an RC Truck has gotten me stumped on a clicking noise. I just don't want to damage anything. It has tons of power, so nothing is slipping. And as I said before nothing I can see or touch is loose. Maybe I will just keep driving it and see what happens. Thanks for the info though. I'll keep reading these threads and maybe a lightbulb will go off in my head. Thanks, Ben
Thanks for the info Cyclops. Will do as soon as I get off duty and get a little sleep. These 32 hour shifts are Killers. Thanks again, Ben
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