Fg Marder,Hpi Baja or Technokit supercross?

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Hi All,

I'm Italian and I'm about to make a change from 1/8 nitro to 1/5 gas and i am drifter if Fg Marder, Hpi Baja or Tecnokit supercross.The main purpose with the car is to have fun and maybe race at some point. What is your suggestion and why?

Thank you for your time and effort in advance.

the Baja is one durable Unit!!! like any rc it has some issues. but they appear to be less than the others. I hear the SuperCross is a nice buggy too but costs about twice as much as the baja.
Thank you for your time and effort,
On Italy the Supercross cost 650€ than the Baja cost 1100€:no:
How much cost the Baja in Usa?
You can get a Baja for around 850-900 in the States.

I love my Baja, one of my best purchases. It is very durable and really takes a beating. If the price difference is that much, hhmmmm. Save up :), its worth it.
the supercross on the other hand would run about 2 grand or more here in the states. just the opposite of your situation.
I stumbled across this thread and thought i would post my views
i have a technokit supercross and when compaired to the other buggies it is of very poor quality construction
right out the box things fell off it
there is NO threadlocking compound on the car anywhere
the fuel tank lid wont stay on the car and the captive nuts that hold the braking mechanisim on are not so captive and fell out and got lost during a run.
honestly the baja 5b or marders are way better built cars not to mention the motor is not even a cy or zenoah effort
the charging system is very poor as is the radcio gear and is good for the bin right out the box.

so far i have HAD to spend around 120 pounds (180 euros) on it just on replacement parts after 3 tanks which were run with care as the fuel lid wont stay on and ive also swapped out the motor for a 26cc zenoah.
the gearing is also way too high too

good points.... it has a self locking diff and it helps it off the line without too much fuss or wheelspin and the lay down engine gives it a low center of gravity and it handles very very well for a rtr
in my opinion buy a marder or a baja 5b unless you have deep pockets
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