FG Modellsport steel spur gears

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FG has just released their harden steel spur gear set which is compatible with their FG Monster Truck / Beetle as well as the FG Stadium trucks. The set includes a harden steel spur gear, alloy gear carrier and all screws needed for install. FG Modellesport is offering...

Those gears look like they are not compatable with any of there current gear carriers and or the two speed set-ups.
Cat 5 in the USA make 46 & 48 tooth spurs that do work on the MT and they also work on the two speed gear boxes. I for one will not purchase the genuine FG gears because they probably cost the earth and you are paying for another gear carrier when the one you already have is perfectly good.

Have a closer look at the photo and by the way it mounts up it looks like they don't use the rubber mounts to eliminate transmission shock???
Speaking of rubber mounts, what can I get from a store like lowes or home depot to replace those? I don't want to spend 8 bucks on four little pieces of rubber.
Possibly try to buy a sheet the correct thickness and sharpen two pieces of tube (small tube for the inner hole & large tube for the out side diameter) and punch them out against a block of wood.... a wad punch basically.
I would try your local automotive store and get some fuel line or the like. Bring your rubber mount with you so you can match up the diameter. I haven't tried it, but that would be my first thought!!
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