fg mt changing to project long

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hi boys +girls :clown:

right iv been thinking about this for a while .:eek:mg:
that is my project changing my fg mt in to a long version of the hpi baja
i think it s going to be easy because all i have to do is buy the alu plate cut it bend,drill, hey presto :cool2:



i will let you know wats going on
ya, ah, Sell the MT, and buy a Baja, don't try to make an orange out of an apple. Just a waste of a good truck if you ask me.
i know

ok you got me:lol:

still going to extend my fg :clown:

ok lets get back to business tips tips tips
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I dunno... get another FG chasis, cut it in half only using the rear of it, bolt it to the back of the existing chasis, add 2 more upper & lower control arms plus wheels.. add another diff, a chain so those wheels get power as well, Presto!! it's longer :eek:) just an idea though lol
its not going to be as easy as that .. your going to have to bend the sides up a few degrees to give it strenght , thje flat plate will just bend and flex without sides .
i made my own chassis as well except outta 7075 t6 alloy by .250 thick or 6.5 mm thick and also streched it , then i had to use leopard front axle mounts and also fab up a new axle mount brace as well , all easy stuff if you have access to some machinery
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