FG MT Rear Differential Upgrade Question


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New England
I've just won an auction. It's an Upgraded FG Alloy Diff. & Elcon Stainless steel cover with the stock gears. I've read it somewhere in this forum that this upgrade requires the ball drive system. I asked the seller and was told that I may slide the stock FG drive cups in this diff.

Only owned my FG truck for a couple weeks now, so I'm not sure. Can someone please confirm this for me? I don't want to have to wait for another week to buy the right stuff for this upgrade. The actual image from the seller is attached below.

Thanks in advance.

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Yea buddie you don't need ball drives.. the stock cups do slide right in, no prob.. I have the adjustable alloy diff and my stock cups went right in.
Nice upgrade by the way!! it shouldnt get dented as easily :)
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