fg racing truck..engine fine but have an electrical fault!

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canterbury kent
need some help with this..

A good friend of mine has trusted me with his 2 fg trucks for a couple of months as he is away travelling.

They are.a marder and a racing truck.

He dropped them off today for me and they are really awesome. the marder runs fine no probs but the racing truck seems to have an electrical fault. Battery connected and I get nothing as I switch it on, not a twitch! Anyone have any ideas? I tried a different battery and again, not a twich! I also checked all the plugs in the reciever box..it looked all correct!

After running the marder today for an hour without a single prob i'm kinda gutted with the significant exspense incurred running my tmaxx and revo for the last 3 years. They have been awesome trucks but the nitro might be put away for the next couple of months!

wanna get this fixed asap naturally but don't wanna have to replace everthing, how can I check the components to find the fault?

Thanks fellas

Right, without wanting to sound like a dummy......

Is it just a case of cutting the battery wire and running it direct?

The switch seems to be sealed!

Its worth a go as its not workin anyhow!!

cheers guys
just plug the battry lead directly into the RX battery port, bypassing the on/off swith all together. it will power the RX up when you plug it in, so have your Radio on to test things out and not put the rx into failsafe (if it has one onboard or installed)
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