FG Semi cat truck

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golden colorado
I have an fg semi truck, CAT, anyone else running a semi, here is a picture of mine, it has a 29cc engine, 2spd tranny and a nomadio radio.
they are much different than the on road touring cars, as far as how they handle, not as stable, if you lower them a bit and run f1 tires they do much better, I just bought a full comp model, so i may have to end up selling this one, the crowd that it draws in amazing,
How is the body in a crash, is it a good think lexan? I am going to get an FG onroad sometime, i would like it to be one of these trucks. I have 3 Bergs, time to get an FG.
Typically yes there is a separate class for trucks. The chassis are basically quite similar to the touring cars, but the handling is significantly different, as I understand it. I can't make a direct comparison in terms of 5th-scale, but I've driven a 10th-scale MAN truck shell on a touring car chassis; there's a big difference in how the air affects handling.
From what I've seen on various forums and so on, trucks seem to be fairly less common than touring cars. Depending on your local scene you might find it a challenge to scare up enough truckers to make a heat, or touring drivers willing to race with you. YMMV.
On another note, the extra height of the truck shell amplifies the already-present body roll, and I tell ya, those trucks look so cool leaning their way around the corners.
Of course, I could stand to be corrected if necessary. :)
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Here's a couple pics of mine. http://www3.telus.net/Pipeous/Pics/FGSemi/Feb13/ I have the front end on, just need to get the rear end parts together to get it finished. I have a lot of spares lying around (Cyclops sold me all his old plastic stuff with the radio I bought from him) but need a few more things. This is a project for me and will be a while before I can afford the rest of the parts. I race offroad and just purchased an 8th scale buggy that needs motor and crap first.

I love the Euro Semis. I raced slot cars a while back and my favs were my semis. I even have Mercedes Benz Racing on my computer (if you guys want to do some online truck racing drop me a pm)
lol Tom, look at the pics MarderBeet linked up.
good idea really. tuning must be pretty easily accomplished imo.
haha the golf tees are to block off the fuel lines until it gets hooked back up. keeps the crud out as the truck is sitting in the shop until I can afford more parts. eventually I will put a proper front end on and use that stuff as spares for the marders.
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