Fg Set Up Tips !

Thanks Marder69 for the look up
The trouble I've been having is trying to translate the degrees through the steering set up - measuring angles that small without a reference bench is well...not much fun!
I was kinda hoping someone might be a lot more orgainsed than me and made a note of the measurements before they started changing it - but I guess we all have the same problem - want to add gas and go...........fast! I'll keep thinking, but may end up trial and error.
:) Agreed - the steering set up does not appear to be the problem for me - look at the post "No Golf" in the MT section.

Eyeballing the set up is one thing - being able to drive, something else:clown:
Just keep trying you will get there dude :) I just set the back of mine up, i put 4 degree toe in, with 2 degree negative camber! Just have to wait now to see how it handles, oh and i run the fronts with a slight toe in also! It's better in the bends that way! :scooter: :scooter:
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