fg touring car wheels on a mcd

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i just bought a mcd rally and have loads of fg touring car wheels/tyres but the don't fit the mcd (ive got squares on)the cvd's threaded bit is to short doesn't even come through the fg rims so i cant tighten the wheels on,any ideas on how i can do it

thanks for any help

Just checked my MCD manual, it looks like the on road drive shafts (front and rear) are shorter than the off road ones. They appear to be the same except there is a extension after the hex that the squares slip on allowing the thread to protrude further out of the centre of the wheel, just what you need.

Rear Wheel Drive Shaft
On road part is 001-2-DS-1
Off road part is 001-2-DS-2

Front Wheel CVD exterior shaft
On road part number is 004-2-DS-1
Off road part number is 004-2-DS-3

Try www.largescalerc.com for parts
I have alot of FG tires left too. I have a blackline rally.
Do I need only
to use FG rims on my rally?
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