FHMT - First Run

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i will order from one of the stores you listed, they have what i need instock. But right now the old honda is threatening to die on me, so i gotta throw some money at it first.

I didnt even know of those two stores you listed, i had been using tower hobbies and horizon hobbies. Every time i search up hobby shops those are the only two shops i get. I thank you for letting me know about those, i like their websites layout.
I can't vouch for those hobby shops, if I need a part though, I'm willing to try about anyone to get the part.

As for the body, it's painted lexan - a beautiful purple! :yuk:

Is yours ABS?
its border line radio shack plastic body. not quite as thick or as brittle but its pretty close and surely not a lexan body i can dig into the under side with a screw driver and you cant see it on the outer side so i must be a molded black pastic.

Thats what i wanted to know, ill buy the FHMT one it will last a little longer and its cheaper, the replacement SMT body is 100 bux, LMATFO yeah right whos gonna pay that, ill run topless before i pay that for a body especially a plastic one.
The Duratrax body is definitely lexan. They sell the clear body at Tower for about 60 bucks (backordered naturally). There is also another place called modelworks that sells a jeep body for it, clear or painted for $70 bucks. It would just require longer mounts in the back.
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