Firehammer cluch problem

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locust grove ga
I bought a used Firehammer buggy. It has a big bore kit with a tuned pipe. I was playing with it today when it started making a noise from around the clutch .When you give it gas and it would barely move. It was working fine up until then. I took it apart but didn't notice anything obvious. It acted like the clutch wasn't engaging. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
What kind of conditions are you running in? The reason I ask is because once when I had my Baja I ran in dirt and it packed my clutch to the point where it was spinning and the car was not moving (just like you described). I stopped it for a moment and then shook it, and it worked fine after that. I don't know if it is your situation, but maybe it will help!!
I took it apart and cleaned the clutch out . I put it all back together and tried it today. When the clutch is cold it works fine. After it runs for a minute or 2 it starts slipping. Sounds like it's fried. Is there a way to fix it or do I need a new one? If I need a new one, is there a peformance replacement?
if your stock/original bell is in good shape, theres no need.
but if its looking chewed up or is not spinning true, then i would recommend a new clutch.

most bells last for a Long time.
yes you shouldnt have any issues as long as the corrisponding parts are good, ie bell, pinion/spur bearings ect...
I can try. It does have the big bore kit with a tuned pipe. I'm new to 1/5 scale but I can tell it has more HP than stock because of video I've seen of a stock one.
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