Firehammer MT Air Filter

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Would it be wise to purchase the Firehammer buggy air filter over the Firehammer MT air filter? Aside from it looking "cooler" is it any better?
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no no no! you want to use a K&N air fliter for best performance I have one what a big differance hey were do you get all your parts from it seams that no one wants to carry hop up parts for the FH mtI am looking for some led lights for this truck and a 2 speed trans got any hints ?

go big or go home:nono:
Hi leadfoot- someone on ebay was actually selling a firehammer with a 2 speed tranny a couple weeks ago. Try a search on completed items for that.

As for LED Lights, I'm not sure.
yeah i agree usa5b stay away from the k&n style cleaners fine dust can get thru and thats the end of your motor...i have a couple here and i use them as paper weights...STAY AWAY!
i was gonna say no k&N as well but it looks like youve got it covered. LOL

You do need to switch air filters though if your truck came with the same airfilter my smartech did. its the airfilter found on most Weedeaters just a simple foam band inside a plastic case. a filter similar to the baja 5b would work how ever its not completely safe either. if the k&N filter had a foam element it would be better.
Ram out of Illinois sells led light kits for RC they sell a lot for tamiya trucks. Or you can build your own if you can solder from Radio Shack , but how most radio shacks nowdays if you don't need a new cellphone you better know what you are looking for because they can't help you You got ? 's They got uh uh uh uh lol
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