first run new track

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Sweet, love the track looks like there is plenty of room for more to join!
Added in Video Post: (20)-86:cool2:

What cans are on each? Looks like a JetPro and Xcan. Are they? Looks as if they are pretty close on the low end what about top?
Good job.
hi btb ya there is plently of room out there the lanes are probley about 20 feet wide and about 25 feet wide through the corners. its layed out in a 75 x 150 foot area.
the buggy with the body on it is running a esp mod 30.5 with a unslienced jp3. the buggy with out the body is running a esp ported zen 26 with a ddm dominator pipe.

the way there set up right now the zen can outrun the 30.5 but the 30.5 is a torque monster. it will be intresting once we get a ddm pipe on that one to.
cool neat track i reckon you can add some motorcross style humps on one side of the sraight to make the track more challenging and fun, i seen my first baja yesteray and they a real big, i'm an fg and mcd guy and i love largescale and seeing the baja in the flesh made me wanna buy one
they are a nice change of pace on leiu of the other offerings. though those MCDS are the cats ass too!

track was a MX type track last yr.
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