Flywheel removal

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There are a couple ways to remove your flywheel. One is to go out and buy a puller from the auto parts store.
To make your own puller you will need the following:


1 - Piece of flat stock metal 1/8”-1/4” thick, 1 ½” wide, and 3” long.
2 – M6 X 45mm bolts with washers for oversized holes.
1 – ¼” X 3” standard bolt with nut. (Carriage shown in photos)

NOTE: Size of center bolt can be changed to what is available.

Drill three holes in the plate that match the distance of the holes on the flywheel. The holes do not have to be exact if you make them over sized.

Remove the center nut.

Install the ¼” bolt through the plate and install the nut on the back side. Install the two M6 bolts through the plate and into the flywheel. Holding the bolt underneath with a wrench tighten the bolt in to pull the flywheel off the shaft. The center bolt can also be filed to a point to keep the bolt centered on the shaft.

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Where is the pictures?

Good question?? I am slowly transferring my photos over to Photo Bucket. Putfile is a Pile of Cr#p! Don't ever think of using it. I will work on getting the photos put up from putfile this weekend. I think there site finally crashed?
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So when you use the home made puller which bolts do I tighten to pull the flywheel off. My guess would be the center one but it's a carriage bolt so how do you tighten the bolt cuz there's nothing to grab the bolt head except maybe vice grips to grab the edge and turn it or do you use the nut on the other side to tighten or loosen to pop the flywheel off. Sorry I know the question may sound stupid I just trying to understand. Thanks for the details on the puller as I will be making one soon.
Look at the thread the bigger the better posted just above. All you do is add a piston stop then remove the flywheel center nut. Screw in 2 screws on each side of the flywheel til they touch the case then tight each screw a bit til the fly wheel pops off.
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